Lauren Redfern

Engineer at Ramboll Environ Inc.

Lauren's PhD project focused on how bacteria exchange genetic information and how we may exploit natural adaptation techniques to improve bioremediation, particularly focusing on Superfund sites and polyaromatic hydrocarbons (PAHs). She is also looking at changes in environmental and gut microbiomes in response to chronic exposure to PAHs at different Superfund sites.  Additionally, she has a passion for K-12 outreach and research translation and is involved in several programs: TeachEngineering, S.E.N.S.O.R Saturday Academy, Duke Youth Programs Biosciences and Engineering Camps, Healing and Hope through Science, and North Carolina School of Science and Math. 

Contact Information

  • Office Location: 136 Hudson Hall
  • Email Address:


  • B.S Agricultural and Biological Engineering - University of FloridaPh.D. Civil and Environmental Engineering - Duke University

Research Interests

  • Horizontal gene transfer through plasmid conjugation
  • bacterial degradation of contaminants
  • microbial adaptation techniques
  • environmental and gut microbiome responses to chronic contaminant exposures